Choosing a Flexible Online Future

Selecting the right web content management (WCM) solution is a major decision best served by a collaborative effort from Marketing and IT.

This video series takes a look at the real-world pressures these teams face when selecting a customer engagement solution that can deliver on their business objectives.

This video series explores the dynamics involved when selecting a WCM platform.

CoreMedia 7 – As Flexible as the Future

CoreMedia 7 Showcase The pace of change on the web is faster than ever. The online customer experiences your company delivers must keep up. A rigid web content management (WCM) system that stifles the creativity needed to create compelling customer experiences and deliver them to any touchpoint won’t help. Enter CoreMedia 7 – the first true WCM solution for the post-PC world.

CoreMedia7 - Satisfied User

Online marketing teams will embrace CoreMedia 7’s informational approach that frees them from the limitations of outdated page based systems to enable them to reuse content, gain visibility and adapt multi-channel experiences to meet customer demands—all without waiting on IT. Finally, the team can focus on “how” they sell, rather than “what” they sell.

Information-based Dynamic Assembly

Technical teams will choose CoreMedia 7 to gain greater deployment flexibility, cost effectiveness and operational control, not to mention empowering the business team to become self-sufficient at delivering contextual and interactive cross-channel experiences. With Responsive Web Design, mobile web apps and a Native App Connector for native apps and scalable elastic social and cloud deployment only the beginning, CM7 just makes things so much easier…and more flexible.