Social Interaction

Enable dynamic conversations around content with unlimited scalability.

Social media is now an expected feature of nearly any Web property.

Most corporate websites today incorporate some kind of social media — ranging from just a link to a corporate Facebook page to incorporating social tools like commenting, rating, polls and forums.

As the amount of user activity grows, however, maintaining optimal performance can be a major challenge, especially when social content is being republished in real time.

CoreMedia enables companies to create vibrant conversations around their products and brands.

With CoreMedia’s Elastic Social software, companies can maintain the connection and discussion with their audience, their way. And do it all on a high-performance platform that scales to accommodate any number of social contributors without impacting the overall performance of your Web properties.

Comprehensive suite of standard social media use-cases for immediate deployment.

Tap into the revenue potential of social communities, enabling a greater return on engagement by increasing customer loyalty and opening new revenue streams.

Community Profiles

Ready-made profile management system for profile creation and subsequent changes, including picture upload and profile approval.

  • Anonymous and registered users
  • Profile pictures and self-care profile editing
  • Integration with Facebook, Twitter, OpenID, and Google+

Likes and Ratings

5-star ratings and “like” functionality is available for ranking or approving any kind of content, in any location.

  • Rate/like both editorial content and user generated content
  • Calculate average ratings and counts “likes” for single items
  • Ability to Rate/like content in integrated 3rd party systems stored outside the content repository

Comments and Discussions

Comment on any editorial content item, such as articles, as well as external content.

  • Support for both registered and anonymous commenting
  • Automatic quotation and citations
  • Respond to other comments to create threaded discussions

Social Sharing and Rich Media Uploads

Allow community members to upload rich media and share their favorite content and comments with friends and colleagues on external social networks

  • Community members can share content with friends on Facebook, Twitter, and Google+
  • Track sharing with out of the box "Most shared content" functionality
  • Upload rich media content

Protect your brand and your social community with integrated moderation.

Social interaction can enhance a site and lead to increased customer loyalty and engagement. But a small number of abusive users can spoil the community experience for everyone and damage a company’s brand. CoreMedia helps ensure a constructive social environment by providing tools for business users to approve user-contributed content, manage the behavior of community members, and protect the community from spammers and other abusive activity.

Content Moderation

Set community standards while monitoring social user comments and conversations.

  • Pre and post moderation of user-generated content
  • Collaborative tools for parallel approval of large quantities of content
  • Create blacklists for prohibiting banned language

Social User Management

Manage community members, enforce appropriate behavior and keep everyone informed of status changes.

  • Manage and edit community member profiles
  • Editing, blocking, ignoring, and deleting social users
  • Automated e-mail notification of affected community members

Spam Prevention and Abuse Management

Allow community members to police themselves and keep out spambots.

  • Captchas are supported to prevent comment spam by anonymous users
  • Allows users to flag inappropriate content
  • Flagged content automatically appears in the approval queue

Rich Media Curation

Allow community members to contribute editorial content and integrate it seamlessly into the existing content repository

  • Editorial review and moderation of contributed rich media content
  • Transfer to CMS repository
  • Manage rights and licensing

Empower developers and business users with social tools that work right out of the box.

As the amount of social user activity grows, maintaining optimal site performance can be a major challenge — particularly when social content is being republished in real time. CoreMedia’s incorporates a new social media architecture based on NoSQL and cloud technology for high performance and virtually unlimited horizontal scaling to meet peak traffic requirements without excessively expensive infrastructure investments.

Scalable NoSQL Storage Architecture

Seamlessly scale to support surging numbers of parallel user conversations and uploads.

  • Virtually unlimited horizontal scaling of read and write access
  • Support millions of users with full-page response times under 500ms
  • High availability storage for tens of millions of social content items

Flexible Deployment Options

Pre-configured for speed and simplicity, even for less experienced developers.

  • Elastic, on-demand scaling in both on-premise or in public/private cloud environments
  • Full multi-tenant support
  • Can be deployed on affordable commodity infrastructure

Social Content Modules

Incorporate real-time social data into any Web property without disrupting performance.

  • Dynamic rules and widgets for publishing social content
  • Aggregate content based on category and timeframe
  • Examples include: “Most Commented”, “Most Liked”, “Top Rated”, and “Most Rated”