Mobile Experience

On-demand, multi-channel delivery to smartphones, tablets and other devices.

The Internet has evolved into a rich, interactive, multi-platform experience that can be accessed at any time, from any place, and by an ever-growing array of devices. As the online experience becomes increasingly fragmented, the ability to reach customers wherever they are, regardless of platform or device, becomes an imperative.

CoreMedia enables the publication of content to any device — whether smartphone, netbook, TV or mobile phone — in any format and with full editorial control. The CoreMedia platform automates the reuse and delivery of content to both browser-based mobile applications, incorporates Responsive Web Design functionality and supports native mobile applications as well locally installed native mobile applications.

Optimize content to any device, anywhere – including older devices.

Visitors are connecting to the Web from an ever growing array of internet enabled mobile devices. No company has the resources required to manually rebuild their web presence to cater for every possible device. To solve this dilemma, CoreMedia stores content in a rich, yet neutral format, and automatically delivers this content in the appropriate format for any device with a Web browser.

Automatic Device Detection

The system automatically recognizes each visitor’s specific device and associated characteristics.

  • Constantly updated database containing thousands of devices and characteristics
  • Support of new devices two weeks after their commercial release
  • Optimizes experience based on the unique characteristics of each device

Mobile Content Adaptation

Create content once and CoreMedia adapts, formats and delivers mobile content.

  • Adapts to different user interfaces (touch, keypad, pen) and multimedia capabilities
  • Transformation of layout to device-specific markup and encoding
  • Automatic transcoding and scaling of images

Full Editorial Control

Requires no specialized knowledge of mobile platforms or devices.

  • Device-agnostic templates and pre-fabricated modules for inclusion of rich media
  • Direct reuse and publication of web content
  • Mobile previews on multiple devices in CoreMedia Studio

Instantly and seamlessly adapt Web properties to any device resolution or layout requirements.

An easy to re-style framework that enables fluid responsive Web design that adapts to the screen width of and browser on any device — from smartphones and tablets all the way to desktop PCs.

Flexible Images and Fluid Page Grids

Scale from phones to tablets to a full desktop experience via Responsive Web Design principles.

  • Build a single site that automatically scales to the any output device requirements
  • Prefabricated templates that support CCS3 and Media Queries
  • Only deliver the content appropriate to specific screen size and bandwidth limitations

Support for HTML5

Preconfigured HTML5-based mobile site templates

  • Full supports for the latest advanced Web technologies
  • Browser-based rich content delivery on a wide range of mobile devices
  • Advanced capabilities without the need for mobile apps

Instant Responsive Previews

Scalable previews for best editorial experience and efficient content re-use

  • Contextualized, multi-channel preview inside CoreMedia Studio
  • Immediate previews of the content in all variants for each channel
  • Screen resolutions can be configured and prioritized as needed

Take advantage of the latest features on the smartest devices with native app publishing.

Although mobile Web applications are an ideal way to reach visitors on any mobile device, native mobile apps allows for a rich, elegant user experience that enhances visitor loyalty. CoreMedia supports the creation, publication and seamless reuse of content to mobile native apps.

Native Apps Connector

Incorporate content elements and data into existing native mobile application frameworks.

  • Manage and publish content directly to native, platform-specific mobile applications
  • Integration with CoreMedia Contextual and Social tool sets
  • Migrate existing Mobile apps to a CoreMedia CMS based feed or integrate new apps