Editorial Empowerment

Empower business users with information-based user interfaces.

In the early days of the Web, online publishing was always a linear, one–way experience. Typical company websites contained little more than basic information, and were often regarded as an afterthought – disconnected from a company’s core business. Now, however, the Web has evolved into a rich, interactive, multichannel experience that can be accessed at any time, from any place, and from an ever-growing array of channels and devices.

CoreMedia addresses these challenges by providing intuitive and flexible editorial tools that allow business specialists to create, design, edit, test, and deliver engaging online experiences for all their customers. CoreMedia enables companies to harmonize their Web properties and publishing workflows around their custom business logic, taxonomies and objectives rather than forcing them into a fixed, static approach to Web publishing.

CoreMedia provides the right tool for any editorial job.

It is a company’s business users who typically have the greatest understanding of their customers’ real needs – and who suffer the most by the limitation of not being able to fully deliver against their customers’ expectations and their business’ online goals. CoreMedia removes these limitations by providing both casual editors and power users with the right user interface to enable them to build and maintain complex Web properties.

Information-based Interface

CoreMedia provides a true “information-based” approach to content editing and delivery that enables more efficient content reuse and automated publishing.

  • Independently edit individual pages, templates, or specific content items
  • Fragmented previews allow editors to view the same content item in different contexts such as a Teaser, List or Mobile View
  • Configurable editorial dashboard makes critical data immediate accessible

Extensible and Configurable

Numerous ways to customize or extend its UI, enabling it to adapt to every company’s unique workflows and business models.

  • Create and manage content intuitively via fully customizable interfaces
  • Easily extend and modify the interface for different user groups with the CoreMedia Studio SDK
  • Manipulate, augment and publish content from 3rd party systems

Web Application

CoreMedia Studio is instantly available on any Web-enabled device to any authenticated user at any time.

  • Zero-install, browser-based editorial interface
  • Based on Ajax; it behaves like a common desktop application
  • Fast, reliable, and instantly accessible

Create unique customer experiences on any platform – without constant IT support.

Many CMS platforms require significant development effort and technical know-how to make any significant upgrade to a company’s Web properties. CoreMedia empowers business users by reducing their dependency on IT resources and allowing them to manage their own content ecosystem, design the online customer experience and deliver relevant content on demand.

Flexible Page Grids and Templates

Flexible Web page grids and a library of pre-defined templates that can be easily adapted to specific site requirements.

  • Reposition Web page elements to meet specific site requirements
  • Pre-built content object types (e.g. slide shows, carousel view, tabs, etc.)
  • Responsive templates for mobile, social, multi-language corporate and media websites

Content Reuse

Reuse the same content items or site elements across multiple properties or applications without manual re-editing.

  • Modular page assembly separates content from layout, navigation, and design
  • Optional creation of content variants with a link to the centrally managed master content item
  • Automated publishing and removal

Content Preview

Multiple previews options that allow business users to see exactly what their visitors see.

  • Integrated preview pane for pages, page elements, or individual content items
  • Contextual and Responsive Web previews
  • Preview content on any external device

Time-based Publishing

Fully configurable, scheduled publication of any page or individual content item.

  • Content items can be published or retired at any point in time
  • Validity of content items can be set to any time-range
  • Get immediate feedback on how a site will appear on any date

Comprehensive support for today’s and tomorrow’s emerging digital assets.

The online world is eroding the boundaries between traditional media types, making it critical for business users to be able to incorporate a wide range of rich multimedia formats, including videos, audio and documents. To address this challenge, CoreMedia CMS is optimized to store, manage, and publish any kind of multimedia content including audio, images, video, and more.

Multi-variant Image Editing

Create and manage multi-variant and multi-resolution images.

  • Edit images: crop, rotate, generate thumbnails, adjust brightness and contrast
  • Store images in different aspect ratios (3x2, 4x3, 1x1, etc.)
  • Scale images dynamically to adjust to different layout requirements

Digital Asset Management

Native support for rich media digital asset management and can be integrated with a range of best-of-breed DAM solutions.

  • Store and deliver data in any binary format with a defined MIME type
  • Edit images and resize them on-the-fly
  • Support for rich media social content

Video Management

Manage, store and deliver all kind of video content. Some customers manage their complete video portal with CoreMedia.

  • Fully integrated video asset management functionality
  • Choosing and placing videos via drag and drop
  • Preview of videos in CoreMedia Studio

Improve engagement and online effectiveness with targeted content and analytics.

Static websites are a thing of the past. The Web today is a dynamic medium that requires companies to constantly adapt and optimize their online strategy to meet changing market conditions. CoreMedia provides business users with a wide range of tools for improving the reach and effectiveness of their Web properties including customized metadata, dynamic publishing, automated content targeting, social integration, and personalized content.

Tagging and Taxonomies

Create custom taxonomies and augment content items with rich metadata tags to drive automated publishing, improved SEO, and enhanced search.

  • Create and maintain taxonomy trees for automated metadata management
  • Use taxonomies to display "related" content on any Web property
  • Automatically create topical microsites based on content tags, taxonomy, and keywords

Advanced Search

State-of-the-art search capabilities based on Solr search technology

  • Full text search on all content items in the CoreMedia repository and 3rd party systems
  • Faceted search, auto-completion, saved searches and spelling correction
  • Boolean operators, weighting rules, search field specifications, and data ranges

Integrated Analytics

Powerful integrated analytics tools allow business users to see the impact of their edits in real time.

  • Pre-built integrations with Google Analytics, Omniture, and Webtrekk
  • Show selected KPIs within the UI allowing for immediate editorial intervention
  • Pull data from 3rd party tools to render “top viewed” content lists

Social and Contextual Content

Pre-integrated editorial tools for managing social users, user generated content, and personalized Web experiences.

  • Editing, blocking, ignoring, and deleting social users
  • Pre and post -moderation of visitor contributed content
  • Create, preview, and deliver personalized Web experiences