Contextual Engagement

Deliver the most appropriate content to Web visitors based on behavioral, situational, historical, predictive and social data.

As the Web becomes the primary platform for business, education, and entertainment, audiences have come to expect more from the online experience. They expect to be able to accomplish their tasks online quickly, efficiently, and intuitively.

If Web properties don’t meet their immediate needs and objectives, they will go elsewhere. Delivering an excellent online customer experience, but it has to be consistent, repeatable and deliverable across core e-commerce, e-marketing and e-service disciplines. Whether the customer engages at the point of sale, via their mobile, by contacting a call center, on a website, by using a kiosk, via e-mail or through one of their social networks, the experience has to be seamless across these multiple channels.

The reality today is that consumers are increasingly comfortable with multi-channel engagement. They may first become interested in a product or solution after being targeted by an e-mail campaign, then check the offer in more detail online, and perhaps go over the specifics with their friends and peers on Facebook. Before making a buying decision they might check online reviews and feedback, actually make the purchase on their mobile device, and then collect their order from a retail outlet.

In order to meet their expectations, companies must be able to deliver a customized Web experience that is uniquely adaptive to the behavior, situation, history, and social connections needs and preferences of their audience.

CoreMedia makes it easier for business users to create, preview, and deploy highly customized Web experiences for any audience segment.

These "contextualized" Web experiences can draw on a wide range of explicit and implicit data sources — including behavioral, situational, historical, predictive, and social interactions — to deliver an engaging customer experience for every visitor, leading to greater levels of satisfaction and higher conversion rates.

Visitor Profiles

Knowing each customer’s interests is the first step to successful online engagement.

By better understanding and tracking the interests of regular visitors, each visit becomes an opportunity to increase cross-sell and up-sell opportunities, generate leads and advertising clicks. CoreMedia enables companies to enhance their customer intelligence and improve the online experience with extensible, personalized visitor profiles - even during the first visit and during an ongoing browser session.

Registered Visitors

Track demographic data, social media activity, and content preferences provided by registered Web visitors with configurable and customizable profiles.

  • Allow visitors to register, opt-out or edit profiles with interests and personal data
  • Continually update profiles with explicit, implicit, and behavioral data
  • Utilizes dynamic “scoring” system to incrementally track and evaluate online behavior

Behavioral Tracking

Track unregistered visitors by monitoring and recording behavioral, situational, and historical activities as they navigate your web properties.

  • Track and store click behavior automatically and use to deliver personalized content
  • Utilize cookies and other implicit context sources
  • Track time of day, location, search terms, device used, previous visited pages, and more

Integration of External Context Sources

Integrate visitor data from third party systems such as CRM, social networks, e-Commerce, ERP and more.

  • Extendable with 3rd party content selection products, algorithms or profile data sources
  • Integrate real-time metadata from other enterprise systems
  • Integrate data from external social network accounts

Because not all content is relevant to all audiences.

The Web is not meant to be a one-size-fits-all experience. Different types of visitors expect different kinds of content. CoreMedia helps increase the effectiveness of online campaigns by automatically assigning visitors to targeted market segments based on observed behavior and predictive targeting.

Build Audience Segments

Group  visitors into customized market segments for easier content targeting and enhanced engagement.

  • Manually define segments based on user defined or pre-configured context sources
  • Create segments automatically by mining aggregated community data
  • Test audience segments against actual visitor data to see who fits the proposed criteria

Define Business Rules

Associate content with configurable and extensible business rules to dynamically deliver targeted content experiences to any visitor.

  • Create personalization rules that select content based on pre-defined conditions
  • Rules can be customized to reflect any industry, business model or workflow
  • Rules are executed in real time by CoreMedia’s dynamic delivery architecture

Predictive Behavioral Targeting

Compare visitor behavior to aggregated survey data and predict their interests and demographic segmentation – allowing business users to deliver targeted content faster.

  • Integrated with, Europe’s largest targeting platform
  • Assembles targeting data from surveys and aggregated click behavior
  • Dynamically tailor online experience to meet predicted interest without the need for registration

Bringing it all together with intelligent contextual publishing tools.

Enable business users to deliver an engaging, personalized customer experience for every visitor, leading to higher levels of satisfaction and higher conversion rates.

Personalized Web Experiences

Correlate users with content to create the perfect match

  • Match visitor profiles with pre-defined segment rules to deliver appropriate content
  • Test personalized web pages by viewing them with different user contexts
  • On-demand content processing is built into CoreMedia’s dynamic delivery environment

Pre-Built Contextual Content Modules

Instantly personalize any Web property with the inclusion of pre-configured contextual content blocks.

  • Recommended and related content lists
  • Contextualized product catalogs with PIM integration capability
  • Contextual media and corporate eCommerce templates