Content Management

Mastering content management and delivery, in any format, on any channel.

Content Management


Content Management Systems used to be seen as an engine to broadcast content online. While this core function remains true, the demands placed on a modern Web CMS have changed drastically. It is now the foundation of any successful online business strategy. Because efficiently managing and delivering content throughout digital channels means engaging with your audience, it has evolved quickly to become the strategic content hub for most organizations.

CoreMedia 7 Showcase CoreMedia’s CMS platform has been specifically designed with this in mind. It supports content in any format, reflects any business environment, delivers to any digital channel, and — above all — connects content with the customer’s current context to create highly dynamic and individual online experiences. No other content management system places so much value on usability, reliability and openness as CoreMedia.

Control, flexibility and efficiency — turning complexity into opportunity.

Based on a flexible architecture and open interfaces, CoreMedia’s CMS platform is designed to deliver rock-solid performance and stability to customers of any size — helping them innovate with less risk, master complex content environments, and get the most out of their online investments.

Solid Architecture

Secure, modular architecture and open interfaces enables companies to innovate with greater speed, increased confidence, and reduced costs.

  • 100% Java technology
  • Object-oriented content modeling
  • Secure separation of editorial and delivery environments

Proven Performance

High performance platform capable of scaling to meet virtually any online demand without operational disruption, allowing customers to deliver billions of page impressions per month.

  • Intelligent, multi-tier caching
  • Advanced CDN integration
  • Scalable No-SQL architecture for social and transient 3rd party content

Flexible Deployment

Support for a wide range of on-premise or distributed operating environments (including CDN, cloud and hybrid) to effectively manage security and traffic challenges.

  • Support for multiple cloud scenarios
  • Full multi-tenant support
  • No need to incur downtime to add new services

Development Tools

CoreMedia’s developer tools, extensible framework and the independence of its component layers ensure fast development and maintainable application design.

Proven industry standards for:

  • Integration into Development Environments and Build tools
  • Web Container (Apache, Tomcat, IBM WebSphere, Jetty)
  • Software Quality (Sonar) and Continuous Integration (Jenkins)

Manage multiple sites, regions, applications, or devices.

CoreMedia ensure that companies are able to maintain a consistent, high-quality brand experience across all their web properties and securely deliver content to any online touchpoints (including mobile devices, mobile apps, RSS feeds, and content portals).

Multi-channel Delivery

Publish content to separate online channels and brands across any number of Web properties.

  • Content is stored separately from design, layout, and navigational structures
  • Publish content to Websites, feeds and other external applications
  • Publish to any device including mobile web and native applications

Multi-site Management

Centralized management hub and data aggregator capable of delivering content to multiple domains, each with its own content delivery environment.

  • Publish content to multiple, separately branded web properties from a single system
  • Site Creation Wizard generates new sites based on a master site
  • Multi-site templates, workflows and editing tools

Multi-language Publishing

Efficient management of multi-language content ensures the complete adaption of the entire online experience to the unique cultural and linguistic requirements of the target region.

  • Publish content in multiple languages to a range of local sites from a single platform
  • Unicode and international character sets
  • Right to left languages for content editing and content delivery

Address every step in the online journey with true 360° content management.

Today’s websites are constantly evolving and require publishers to support an ever-growing array of content types. CoreMedia tames this complexity by managing all kinds of assets and tracking them throughout their entire lifecycle - from creation and editing through previewing publishing, and reuse.


Track all external and internal content items throughout their lifecycle and audit historical change information.

  • Content versioning, differencing and tracking
  • Create new content items using any previous version
  • Restore content to any previous state


Simple, pre-defined and customizable workflows enable efficient collaboration during the processes of content creation, approval and publication between editors.

  • Enterprise-level administration and powerful, role-based user management system
  • Define rights, rules and roles
  • Collaboration and notification for editors and administrative users

Digital Asset Management

Native support for rich media digital asset management and easy integration with a range of best-of-breed DAM solutions.

  • Store any binary format with a defined MIME type together with metadata and rights
  • Edit images and resize them on-the-fly
  • Pre-built integrations with third party video systems

Manage any content, anywhere — integrate with best of breed applications.

As the Web becomes increasingly mission-critical, Web properties can no longer exist in isolation from the rest of a company's business systems — making easy integration a must. CoreMedia’s extensible architecture, “importless” integration approach and open APIs simplify integration with external content.

Open Architecture

Based on open standards that make it straightforward to integrate with external software systems and build customer-specific extensions.

  • Open Standards: XML, UML, Unicode, Java, Java Beans, WebDAV, REST, HTTP and Spring
  • Comprehensive and well-documented open APIs
  • All CMS functions can be controlled using open, Java-based interfaces

Importless Integration

Integrate external third party content without importing the content into the CoreMedia repository.

  • Store proxy-documents in the repository that reference back to source asset
  • Referenced assets can be enriched with additional metadata within the CMS
  • Assets are retrieved from original systems only when required for publication

Advanced Import Capabilities

Migrate and ingest content with ease, as well as associated metadata, from any external source including RSS feeds, UGC, or third party applications.

  • CoreMedia Importer Framework supports bulk imports from XML sources
  • CoreMedia APIs enable automated and continuous import scenarios
  • Import files, generated XML or streams delivered over a network