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CoreMedia LiveContext is an integrated content and asset management solution that augments the capabilities of existing commercial and homegrown e-Commerce systems by allowing business users to infuse them with visually engaging experiences and immersive content. CoreMedia LiveContext’s robust, mature APIs and productized integration with leading e-Commerce systems allows it to create seamless and real-time links with existing content repositories, product catalogs, pricing systems and front-end modules. And unlike some vendors, CoreMedia doesn’t force its customers to completely rebuild their existing e-Commerce sites or recreate front-end business logic. Customers can re-energize their existing investments without sacrificing years of effort or putting existing operations at risk.


Blend Content and Commerce in Real-Time

Business users can access the product catalog directly from the CoreMedia Studio to create digital content that blends marketing and product information. Product and pricing information from e-Commerce platforms can be incorporated in online experiences in real-time. Marketers can create personalized landing pages, micro-sites, and product inspiration pages. Finally, CoreMedia supports B2B commerce with contract based-pricing and content filtering.


Visual Engagement and Shoppable Media

A rigid, catalog-driven structure for displaying and navigating products leads to online stores that lack differentiation and impact. In addition, many stores are unable to provide experiences that are optimized for mobile devices or are struggling with duplication of effort as separate teams attempt to cater for these touchpoints. CoreMedia provides business users with a catalog of visually appealing design elements — including slide shows, carousel views, tabs, and more.

Master Mobile Commerce with Responsive, Adaptive Design and Management

Master Mobile Commerce with Responsive, Adaptive Templates

CoreMedia provides built-in responsive and adaptive Web capabilities as a foundation for building modern, inspiring digital experiences on any device. CoreMedia’s fluid page grids and flexible image handling is based on modern responsive Web design technologies that adapt to the screen width of and browser on any device. CoreMedia allows marketing and e-Commerce professionals to create a variety of standard image views for different aspect ratios or devices without duplicating the original image. The system also allows business users to manually override these views and adjust the focus points to cater for various devices or screen sizes.

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CoreMedia Rocks

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