Expand Your Online Strategy

Guest Speaker: Melissa Webster, Program Vice President, Content and Digital Media Technologies, IDC

IDC Webcast

Internet plays an increasingly important role for customer engagement and business success. Many organizations have understood this and have made significant investments into their corporate website. However, most companies have not recognized that a focus on their website alone may prevent them from truly connecting with their customers who are active on social networks or accessing the Internet via a mobile device.

Organizations need to find ways to secure their online investments by creating a consistent and conversational customer experience across all digital touchpoints. This webinar covers the topic of how companies can address multi-channel complexity, turn channels into touchpoints, and engage with customers regardless of the touchpoint one uses.

Attend the webinar to:

  • Learn about the important role of corporate web strategies to secure online investments
  • Find out how to create a consistent and conversational customer experience across all digital touchpoints
  • Receive an exclusive copy of IDCs recent market research addressing multi-touchpoint engagement

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