„The Last Crusade: On the Road to Better Online Experiences‟

Janus Boye, Founder and Web CMS Expert | J. Boye

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Janus Boye

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In the past decade, a thriving industry has grown around content management systems while customers have learned a few lessons the hard way. Today, the marketplace remains crowded and full of promises, and customers are still frustrated by inflated expectations and failed projects. But maybe there is a light at the end of the tunnel. Maybe the industry as a whole is getting more mature, even if we look beyond the marketing buzz and meaningless acronyms. We may not quite be there yet, but the crusade has started and we are moving toward more predictable projects and better online experiences — where both customers and partners actually end up happy.

In this keynote, Janus Boye will share best practices based on what the smart customers, partners and CMS vendors are doing. He will draw on real-life experiences from the J. Boye network, which counts over 400 online professionals across the world.