Optimizing Continuous Delivery

Technical White Paper

Continuous Delivery
Technical White Paper


Addressing customer demands for increased WCM agility through continuous applications delivery

Traditional software and application delivery cycles of 12-18 months have been replaced with agile development processes based on "satisfying the customer through early and continuous delivery of valuable software," reflecting major global technology-led shifts. While commercial imperatives driven by customer expectations for value are nothing new, the associated accelerated economic imperatives and compressed timescales are challenging, to say the least.

Forrester Principal Analyst Kurt Bittner summed up the challenge when he said: “never has the ability to quickly develop and deliver innovative software solutions mattered more.” He went on to describe how "old ways of developing and delivering software – adequate for a slower-paced age, are too slow." This issue of speed is central to the discussion, with Forrester stressing that the winners will be those companies that succeed in delivering compelling digital experiences first.

The pace of change – particularly in the key areas of mobile, social, context and cloud – is unprecedented. For software developers tasked with designing ever more complex and effective digital customer experiences, the challenge is particularly acute, given that most development teams are still limited by a reduction in available resources. Clearly, enabling such an approach demands a new generation of customer engagement solutions that are fast, efficient and – most importantly – flexible.

This white paper will help you to learn:

  • What continuous delivery means for IT, as well as for online innovation in marketing
  • Four benefits of continuous delivery that bring competitive advantages
  • How continuous delivery helps to remove barriers to online engagement
  • The role CoreMedia solutions can play to help you gain business value from continuous delivery