Empowering Business Users with an Information-based User Interface

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Empowering Business Users with a Content-Oriented Interface


  • Empowering Business Users with an “Information-based” User Interface (US-letter)
  • Empowering Business Users with an “Information-based” User Interface (A4)

Business White Paper The Web Has Changed — And So Must the Editorial Tools

In the early days of the Web, online publishing was always a linear, one-way experience. Typical company websites contained little more than basic information, and were often regarded as an afterthought — disconnected from a company’s core business. Back then, managing online content involved a simple assembly line of creating templates, authoring content, publishing it to a pre-configured static Web page, and waiting for visitors to stumble onto your site.

Now, however, the Web has evolved into a rich, interactive, multi-channel experience that can be accessed at any time, from any place, and from an ever-growing array of channels and devices.

Customers increasingly expect a customized Web experience — no matter who they are, where they’re located, or what device they’re using. For content providers and publishers, this now means that relevant, meaningful content has to be identified and served on-demand in order to respond to each customer’s unique context.

This business white paper describes the market drivers that are forcing sales, marketing and service professionals in all industries to shift from archaic “page-based” web content management (WCM) systems to more flexible and extensible “information-based” approaches.

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