Harnessing Big Data for Web Content Management Success

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  • Harnessing Big Data for Web Content Management Success (US-letter)
  • Harnessing Big Data for Web Content Management Success (A4)

Technical White Paper

Enabling true data-driven customer engagement through close WCM and Big Data integration

CMOs need to look far beyond traditional CRM information to accommodate the dynamic and contextual nature of today’s customer journeys. They can differentiate their brands through the real time capture and processing of Big Data to create truly personalized online experiences. With an estimated $83 billion lost each year as a result of poor customer experiences, there’s a significant reward for businesses that underpin their marketing programs with successful Big Data initiatives.

When it comes to capturing, storing, analyzing and acting on both structured and unstructured Big Data, WCM applications have a critical role to play in translating Big Data analytic outputs into actionable customer insights. And IT can provide the expertise that helps CMOs to improve customer experiences and create significant differentiation for the brand by helping them to couple Big Data Intelligence with Web Content Management (WCM) applications.

For CMOs, the potential of Big Data is significant, enabling them to look beyond traditional segments and demographics and start focusing on delivering the right propositions, services and information at exactly the right moment in the customer relationship. While Big Data analytics promises to change everything about marketing performance management and customer engagement, marketers and their business colleagues still need tools to put Big Data to work across the operation.

As former Google CIO Douglas Merrill said: “Every bit of data is noise. But when you add enough of them together in a clever way you can start making sense of the garbage.”

This white paper is an exploration of how a WCM solution with the power to translate Big Data analytic outputs into actionable customer insights can improve the customer experience, elevate marketing performance and differentiate your brand.