Multi-channel Commerce in the Year of the Digital Customer

On-demand presentation by Jamie Anderson, Global Marketing Director, CRM Web Channel & eCommerce Solutions, SAP

Jamie Anderson | SAP

Technology is changing the digital game for brands but customers are changing the rules of that game. Multi-channel experiences are truly about allowing customers to move seamlessly from one screen to the next without interrupting the context of their experience.

Research indicates that 74% percent of U.S. consumers surveyed shop across more than one channel with a single retailer.

Additionally, more than 80% of people conduct research away from the actual buying experience.

LiveContext for SAP WCEM

In order to play by the new rules set by customers, brands will choose to integrate customer data to enable web content management (WCM) to power personalized delivery of content to customers — wherever they are and on the device in use. Brands equipped to eliminate the fragmentation that can occur with multiple devices in use will exceed their objectives for multi-channel commerce.

In this brief 30-minute presentation, you'll learn:

  • How social media is changing content consumption
  • About the transition from CRM to CMR (customer managed relationships)
  • Why mobile is taking precedence over desktops with customers
  • The level of integration necessary for successful multi-channel commerce
  • How to meet the expectations of digital natives, a.k.a. screen-agers
  • Seven facets that define a next-generation business

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