The Perfect Match: How to Build a Healthy Content and Commerce Relationship

On-demand webcast featuring Doug Heise, Global Director of Product Marketing for CoreMedia

As e-Commerce expands in both scope and importance, it creates new challenges for companies hoping to build lasting customer relationships and drive sales. Digital consumers are more informed, more socially connected, and more empowered than ever before. This new breed of shopper expects more from online retailers and is not afraid to express those feelings by seeking out brands that can deliver the experiences and service they demand.

Unfortunately, the traditional approach to building online shops and brand experiences is limited, out-of-date and unable to address these expectations. Many online brands have entirely separate teams and systems for managing marketing content and their Web stores. This lack of collaboration between digital marketing and e-Commerce is one of the primary causes of poor customer experiences. 

In this 15-minute, on-demand webcast, Doug Heise, Global Director of Product Marketing for CoreMedia, describes the key steps for creating unified online brand experiences and offers practical examples of how to meet the needs of the most demanding online shoppers.

  • How siloed teams and systems lead to fragmented experiences that frustrate customers

  • How storytelling can enhance the online experience and lead to increase sales

  • How to move beyond basic transactional capabilities by forging emotional connections that delight, inspire and inform

  • 8 concrete steps to building healthy content and commerce relationships