Elastic Social Product Spotlight

Enable Dynamic Conversations Around Content with Unlimited Scalability

Turning a Web property into an interactive platform for engagement increases site visits, enhances the usefulness of your Web properties, and improves online customer experiences. CoreMedia's Elastic Social software supports interactive conversations around content and dynamically scales to respond to the increasing volume of social traffic.

Watch this brief video to learn how CoreMedia can help you deliver a greater "return on engagement."

With CoreMedia’s Elastic Social software, companies can turn their Web properties into vibrant, and truly scalable, engagement platforms for community and conversation about their content.

Social Media Breaks Through

Social Media has completely transformed the way we shop, relax, look for jobs, pursue our hobbies and reconnect with old friends and acquaintances. As social networking quickly becomes the de facto medium for interaction by consumers and executives alike, companies are searching for scalable ways to transform their websites into social environments and engage with their audiences on a more interactive level without sacrificing website performance or driving up costs.

Tap into the Groundswell

CoreMedia’s Elastic Social enables companies to facilitate the discussion around their content and engage with their audience much more interactively. It provides all the social capabilities needed to support audience interaction and social dialogue across all Web properties, including:

  • Extensible user profiles integrated with Facebook, Twitter, and Google+

  • Rich social functionality including ratings, likes, comments, and threaded discussions

  • Support for social image uploads and social sharing

  • Pre-built widgets for displaying the most popular social content items

  • Integrated social analytics

  • Curate and aggregate approved visitor contributions for re-publication

  • Protect your brand with collaborative content moderation and abuse management

Grow without Limits

However, as the amount of user activity grows, maintaining optimal performance can be a major challenge. Traditional data storage systems cannot cost effectively scale to meet the real time pressures of high traffic social properties.

CoreMedia has solved these problems by providing one of the most usable and scalable social software capabilities on the market.

Based on the same proven NoSQL technology that powers social applications such as Facebook, Twitter, Amazon and Google, CoreMedia’s Elastic Social architecture can support contributions from millions of visitors while maintaining optimal performance metrics. The component is fully integrated into the CoreMedia Studio editorial interface – and is fully extensible to grow with your community ambitions.

Expand into the Cloud

The scalability of CoreMedia’s Elastic Social Software goes beyond just the horizontal scalability enabled by advanced NoSQL data technology. The software has been architected from the ground up for a range of public or private cloud environments. This allows companies to call up new instances of the software as social contributions spike and release these resources “back into the cloud” when demand slows again.

Only CoreMedia allows companies to expand their social repository as their communities grow — without restriction.


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