Contextual Marketing with CoreMedia LiveContext - Business Solutions Guide


The Era of the Empowered Customer

Today, every business is a digital business and online customers are empowered like never before. Consumers are increasingly going online at every stage of the e-Commerce lifecycle, engaging with organizations across a range of touchpoints and enjoying the benefits that come from greater price transparency, increased access to information and personalized content from their social networks and online communities.

To stay competitive, companies must be able to optimize the conversion of online engagements into profitable interactions at every stage in the buying cycle.

The importance of contextualized content

Contextual marketing content is a critical part of the customer experience today. Multi-channel marketing applications must address factors such as mobility, social networking and location awareness. Adapting the customer experience to the customer’s needs and situation — the essence of contextualization — is proving to be a critical element of any successful customer engagement approach. Without contextual information, it’s a challenge for companies to sustain strong engagement from Web audiences and ensure that digital channels remain profitable.

This guide demonstrates how CoreMedia LiveContext enables companies using SAP® WCEM to optimize their online sales and marketing channel performance.


SAP is a registered trademark of SAP AG in Germany and in several other countries.