Interaction Design Principles that Optimize Editorial Productivity - Business Solutions Guide

Interaction Design Principles Business Solutions Guide

Focusing on customer experience and optimizing editorial productivity

The Web is becoming increasingly critical for all companies — particularly as they work to transform their Web activity from being an optional channel on which to broadcast content to a whole new way of engaging and interacting with their audience.

The Web’s importance means that there’s now an increased focus on Web Content Management (WCM), with WCM technology serving as the foundation of a company’s entire online business strategy. Increased pressures to manage and deliver content efficiently across digital channels — as well as the requirement to engage more effectively with an audience — means that the WCM system has now evolved to become the strategic content hub for any large organization.

As a result, the role of those employees responsible for creating and publishing a company’s content online — business users — has also grown in importance, particularly with regard to the speed, accuracy and productivity of their content production. Given these pressures, and the fact that they will be working with their Web Content Management application for long periods of time, it’s essential that any WCM solution
supports how they’re actually going to be working, proves intuitive to use and is responsive in handling today’s increasing customer experience demands.