A Personality Test for Shoppers?

A Field Guide to the 8 Key Shopping Personalities

Shopper Personalities

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  • CoreMedia Guide to 8 Shopper Personalities
Shopper Personalities Guide


One Size Doesn't Fit All

Online shoppers have never had so many choices, and online sellers have never faced so many challenges. With the continued global growth of e-Commerce and the unrelenting pressure from online-only discounters, finding a way to differentiate yourself online has never been more challenging.

But if there is to be any “win-win” solution, it must start with companies learning how to recognize – and satisfy – the demands of a growing range of online shopping personalities.

Shoppers have always had different personalities. They are motivated to buy for all kinds of reasons, and their shopping strategies can be radically different. 

This guide identifies and describes eight shopper personalities and provides tips for attracting and engaging each shopper personality type.