Reuse Content to Reduce Costs and Raise Efficiency

Business Solutions Guide | Part One in a Four-part Series on Content Reuse

Content Reuse


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Content Reuse Business Solutions Guide

Content Reuse Helps Online Marketers Answer Publishing Challenges to Drive Business

Content is what creates engaging online experiences that result in customers doing business with our brand. Driving web traffic to increase direct sales is a top goal for B2C marketers. But the rise of more channels, increasing customer demands and limited resources raises the bar to difficult heights.

It’s time for marketers to take control of content and create the results they need with a more efficient and cost-effective approach. Creating more content to keep pace is not the only answer. Content reuse is an approach that cuts time, cost and pressure while capitalizing on the content investment already made.

High-quality content offers many more opportunities for reuse than mediocre content pushed out to meet a publishing schedule.  A web content management (WCM) platform is a necessity for companies that depend on ecommerce revenues to drive growth. WCM will enable online marketers to effectively reuse content to:

  • Reduce time-to-content to increase efficiency
  • Benefit from a modular approach for content reuse

  • Apply repetition and context to create higher levels of engagement

  • Increase ROI from investments made in content

This guide is part one of a four-part series on content reuse. It presents an approach to content reuse that will help create more consistent customer experiences, showcase products in more appealing ways to different customer segments and introduce a modular approach to publishing content faster and more efficient.


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