The Challenges and Benefits of WCM in the Cloud - Business Solutions Guide


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Cloud Business Solutions Guide

Many Web Content Management (WCM) vendors promote their software as “cloud-ready,” but this often means little more than the fact that their software is certified to operate within a limited number of third-party Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) environments.

Typically, organizations find themselves being offered solutions that appear to provide comprehensive enterprise cloud capability, but turn out to be little more than an option for basic deployment on a commercial cloud infrastructure service. The organization’s IT staff is then left to take care of all the details, including installing operating system images, maintaining and monitoring applications, applying patches and upgrades, and more. While the applications are technically “running in the cloud,” they are not equipped to take advantage of the true benefits of running in the cloud.

In this document, CoreMedia sets out some the benefits that businesses can achieve by adopting a rigorous and comprehensive approach to cloud computing, identifies the key challenges facing organizations looking to deploy WCM in the cloud, and outlines how CoreMedia is addressing these challenges.