CoreMedia LiveContext New Feature Bulletin

Detailed description of the latest updates and enhancements to CoreMedia LiveContext.

CoreMedia LiveContext

CoreMedia is committed to keeping our customers and partners fully equipped to address market demands by providing them with regular new updates and enhancements to our core platform and solutions.

As part of that effort, the CoreMedia LiveContext New Feature Bulletin describes the new functionality and explains how it can help enable innovation, increase efficiency and creativity, and drive increased online sales of your products and services. 

CoreMedia LiveContext 2.0 Updates and Enhancements

This new release — CoreMedia Agile Enhancement Pack 2 (AEP2) —  builds on existing features, as well as new features, of CoreMedia LiveContext. It includes the following new high-level capabilities:

  • Product Asset Management for e-Commerce Shops: directly manage all product related assets in CoreMedia Studio and publish augmented product detail pages
  • B2B e-Commerce Support: deliver personalized shopping experiences to business customers

For the full details, download the CoreMedia LiveContext New Feature Bulletin.