The Perfect Match: CoreMedia LiveContext for IBM® WebSphere® Commerce Guide

CoreMedia LiveContext for IBM WebSphere Commerce Guide

Content and Commerce: A Thwarted Romance?

CoreMedia LiveContext for IBM WebSphere Commerce Recent advances have done much to improve the performance of online content and commerce individually, but 
have failed to turn them into the happy couple they were always destined to be. Until these star-crossed lovers are 
revealed as the Power Couple they truly are, we will all suffer from inferior, incomplete consumer experiences.

The traditional approach to building online shops and brand experiences is broken and can no longer scale to meet the demands of a new breed of empowered digital consumers.

Many e-Commerce sites provide a feature set primarily focused on the buying process: browsing the catalog, checking out, and customer self-service. All other interactions — including social interaction, personalized content, and rich media — take place in 
the “brand” area of the site. CoreMedia LiveContext for IBM WebSphere Commerce has been created to overcome siloed content and commerce processes.

This guide highlights the 7 keys that CoreMedia LiveContext provides to strengthen the relationship between your content and commerce efforts.