Master Multi-Language Content and Commerce

On-demand Webcast

We live in an age of global commerce, communications, and community. But it can be extremely difficult to manage and deliver product launches and promotions with the appropriate levels of quality, consistency, and local specificity across multiple e-Commerce sites in many different countries.

Creating engaging multi-language digital e-Commerce experiences requires agility and speed, but all too often companies are stuck with isolated regional and departmental teams, siloed technology and rigid, hierarchical processes.

CoreMedia simplifies traditionally complex processes and reduces time-to-market for multi-site and multi-language e-Commerce sites and promotional content. We offer a uniquely flexible approach to managing multi-site e-Commerce deployments and multi-language content.

This webinar will show you how you can:

  • Master the challenges of global e-Commerce
  • Ensure both brand unity and local variety when executing global product launches, promotions, and product-driven content marketing campaigns
  • Coordinate the activity of geographically distributed commerce teams
  • Launch regional promotions and e-Commerce sites faster
  • Streamline translation workflows
  • Empower local teams to regionalize product-related content
  • Make more effective use of your global resources.