SAP® WCEM to hybris — Chart Your Way to the Future

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SAP WCEM to hybris


  • SAP® WCEM to hybris — Chart Your Way to the Future
  • SAP® WCEM to hybris - Chart Your Way to the Future - Webcast Notes

With the completion of SAP®’s acquisition of Hybris on August 1, 2013, the future of SAP® WCEM is sealed.  While SAP® will support WCEM until 2020, Forrester blogged that all further developments on WCEM will cease and hybris will become the only commerce offering from SAP® moving forward. 

Due to the complex nature and scope, the complete integration will most certainly require a minimum of 18-24 months of effort. Can you afford to wait or is there an alternative today?

While the combination of SAP® and hybris promises to “deliver relevant, contextual and consistent experiences,”[1] for the past three years CoreMedia — as the only certified solution for WCEM — has been the chosen SAP® partner delivering exactly this capability. 

CoreMedia will extend its capabilities to hybris and ensure that your investment in WCEM is secure and the migration path is clear.  Let us show you how you can continue your WCEM projects to drive revenue today, and join other WCEM customers as they leverage their current investments into the future hybris landscape.                

Why wait when you can leverage your existing WCEM investment today — and have a clearer migration path forward?

This 45-minute on-demand webcast features CoreMedia's eCommerce expert sharing the lessons learned and best practices from implementing multiple WCEM content integrations around the world. Chart your way to the future.

About the Presenter

Karsten Reuter

Karsten Reuter leads the eCommerce Practice at CoreMedia — enabling customers and partners to deploy state-of-the-art shopping experiences.

Karsten joined CoreMedia in 2001 and led a variety of projects and customer implementations, including Deutsche Telekom, Vodafone and ARD. After building up the U.S. Professional Services organization in San Francisco, he developed a focus for eCommerce solutions at CoreMedia, with hands-on experience implementing CoreMedia LiveContext at companies such as JD Group, or  Mondou.

Karsten has a degree in Computer Science from the University of Karlsruhe, Germany.

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[1] SAP® press release, August 1, 2013.

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