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The CoreMedia Expert Series: Practical Advice for Digital Experience Professionals from Industry Experts

Customer Experience

The CoreMedia Expert Series is a program designed to provide practical information to digital experience professionals. 

Customer Experience Management 

Tim Walters DCG

Tim Walters — a Digital Clarity Group Principal Analyst and Founding Partner and a former Senior Analyst and Advisor at Forrester Research — lays the foundation with his practical, impartial and actionable advice to those want to transform their customers’ online experiences.

In this four-part video series on Customer Experience Management, Tim addresses not only the challenges of building an internal team and selecting the right technology, but also how to be a catalyst for change and ensure success in the short and long term.

  • Part 1: Why Change?

    Change happens when one or more individuals begin to understand that their organizations are falling behind and want to believe that they can do much better. They gather evidence of the existing shortcomings and find ways to challenge the status quo. If you want to be a catalyst for change in ... more...
  • Part 2: Building the Team and Ensuring Stakeholder Alignment

    Customer Experience Management initiatives require the alignment of a number of stakeholders with diverse goals, skills and personalities. Armed with the evidence of the need to change, change agents must identify the right team members and conduct a number of simple experiments to develop a ... more...
  • Part 3: Product and Vendor Selection

    When your current technology is holding you back from your ability to effectively address the needs of your online audience, it’s time for the team to select the right product and vendor. Tested in over 100 evaluations, Tim takes us through an 8-Step practical methodology that will ensure that ... more...
  • Part 4: What's Next?

    While selecting the right team and product are important, ensuring that the implementation, integration and incorporation into the organization are successful is critical. You won’t want to miss this final conversation with Tim as he shares how to ensure your Customer Experience Management ... more...