Ovum: CoreMedia SWOT Assessment

Published October 7, 2016

Ovum SWOT Analysis of CoreMedia 7


  • Ovum Report: CoreMedia SWOT Assessment (A4)


A flexible, object-oriented paradigm for providing dynamic online experiences  

Ovum, a highly respected UK-based analyst firm, has published an updated version of a detailed technology brief that discussed the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats of CoreMedia’s flagship Content and Digital Asset Management platform. 

The SWOT analysis provides insights into CoreMedia’s features and benefits, and provides answers to key questions about the product and how it can help organizations in a range of industries. 

The report outlines the reasons why decision makers should consider CoreMedia, including: 

“CoreMedia provides extensive DAM capabilities, which is something that not all CX vendors provide. A wide range of rich media assets are supported, including images, videos, and PDFs.” 

”CoreMedia supports multiple integration strategies, allowing organizations to enhance their existing e-commerce stores with content without having to abandon existing business logic and front-end development."