IDC: The Multi-Touchpoint Online Experience

What you need to know to deliver an engaging and persuasive online experience.


  • IDC Report - "The Multi-Touchpoint Online Experience: Implications for Web Content Management"
IDC Spotlight

With the dramatic adoption of smartphones and other mobile devices and the growth of social networking sites such as Facebook, today's online experience is evolving beyond the notion of a Web site or single destination to include multiple online touchpoints; that is, each of the points — whether Web, mobile, or social — where content touches the user. Each of these touchpoints constitutes a unique context for customer interaction.

Deliver a customized user experience that is relevant to online users

To truly engage customers, organizations need to tailor the user experience for each touchpoint so that it is contextually relevant. Consumers expect the company they are dealing with to learn about them and understand their needs and interests better over time as they interact and transact via these different touchpoints. The ability to leverage the consumer's multi-touchpoint interaction history to deliver an increasingly relevant and contextually rich experience is critical for building customer trust and loyalty. Companies that fail to deliver a multi-touchpoint online experience put that trust and loyalty at risk.

How can organizations manage the customer experience across all of these touchpoints in a consistent way, in a way that lets them leverage customer interaction information to customize the experience by user and by touchpoint? IDC believes Web content management (WCM) solutions are evolving to address this need.

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