e-Commerce Survey: The Growing Focus on Experiential Commerce

Survey Report and Infographic: May 2014, IBM Smarter Commerce Global Summit, Tampa, Florida

e-Commerce Survey

Experiential Commerce: Creating an engaging customer-centric online experience for shoppers 

E-Commerce is young and evolving. The majority of businesses are beginning to place more of an emphasis on experiential commerce. 

With experiential commerce poised to take off, CoreMedia surveyed 143 attendees at the 2014 IBM® Smarter Commerce Global Summit in May 2014 to better understand how businesses are are addressing experiential commerce. 

At a high level, we found three things.

  • There is a growing focus on the topic of experiential commerce.
  • The drivers for experiential commerce center on revenue issues and shaping customer perceptions. 
  • While it is still early for experiential commerce implementations, respondents shared the toughest challenges they are facing as they make the move to experiential commerce.

The Survey Report and Infographic present these insights, followed by a framework to help guide your WCM and commerce strategy forward, including insights about evaluating the three common integration approaches that have emerged.