IBM Amplify 2015 Highlights: CoreMedia Presentations

IBM Amplify 2015

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  • Doug Heise Vice President, Global Marketing
  • May 18, 2015

The IBM Amplify conference last week in San Diego was a great opportunity for attendees to learn from industry leaders and experts on how they create the ideal customer experience and exceed customer expectations across all channels. CoreMedia, a Platinum Plus partner, was very pleased to showcase its customers and solutions in five of the sessions. 

Leveraging WebSphere Commerce RESTful API to Build Rich Applications with Different UI technologies

This session was all about how IBM’s WebSphere Commerce RESTful APIs make it easy for developers to build web, mobile and other UI applications that extend and augment the IBM commerce experience.

Michael Au, IBM’s Senior Development Manager of WebSphere Commerce, and Knud Kegel, Vice President of Engineering for CoreMedia, demonstrated how these APIs have enabled them to integrate CoreMedia’s Digital Experience solution to enhance the experience for both front-end web visitors and back-end practitioners.

Michael Au began by telling the packed audience about the development of the IBM REST APIs and the key role that CoreMedia played in their development. Knud Kegel followed up on Michael’s introduction by showing the audience how CoreMedia was using these APIs to help customer extend and enhance their online stores and deliver these enhanced e-Commerce experiences across multiple digital channels.

Creative Disruption: How Content and Context Creates New Commerce Leaders

Gerrit Kolb, CEO of CoreMedia, presented on how the combination of content and commerce could create unique competitive differentiators for business leaders.

He started by citing a shocking recent finding by Forrester Research that “68% of retail executives do not see digital as a critical driver for business strategy.” Kolb then highlighted the strategies of leading commerce and brand sites and unveiled a vision for visibility and relevance that builds on the convergence of these two models. Key aspects of this approach include: 1) deliver experiences rather than just “webified” product catalogs, 2) tell relevant content-driven stories, 3) provide personalized, contextual content, 4) own (and understand) your audience, and 5) automate using taxonomies.

Serve Up the Perfect Menu by Augmenting WebSphere Commerce Online Stores with Inspirational Content

In this session, CoreMedia’s Florian Grebe, Vice President of Sales, EMEA, and Oliver Heyden, Head of Solution Architects EMEA, provided a practical and entertaining demonstration ofhow to mix inspirational content and commerce functionality together to create the perfect online experience.

Florian began by reminding the audience that 85% of marketers think that the content they produce isn’t effective at delivering business value. Their buyers agree—with 62% saying that much of it is useless. However, creating great content isn’t rocket science. In fact, it’s a lot like cooking.

The remainder of this session consisted of a practical demonstration of this assertion, with Florian and Oliver walking the audience through the creation of a fictional lifestyle and food website called the Perfect Chef, which seamlessly blended e-Commerce capabilities and inspirational content to delight customers, increase loyalty, and drive higher revenue. The Perfect Chef site is available to any CoreMedia customer wishing to develop their own cutting edge online store based on its unique hybrid integration approach. 


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