IBM Amplify 2015 Highlights: Customer News and Presentations

IBM Amplify 2015

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  • Doug Heise Vice President, Global Marketing
  • May 18, 2015

The IBM Amplify conference last week in San Diego was a great opportunity for attendees to learn from industry leaders and experts on how they create the ideal customer experience and exceed customer expectations across all channels. CoreMedia, a Platinum Plus partner, was very pleased to showcase its customers and solutions in five of the sessions.

UK Retailer Homebase Leverages the IBM Commerce Partner Ecosystem for Deep Customer Engagement

This session was designed to demonstrate how IBM customers can easily add innovative 3rd-party commerce capabilities to improve the customer experience, and how Homebase, a UK retailer and CoreMedia customer, benefited from working with the IBM partner ecosystem.

Rachel Jones, the Digital Enterprise Manager at Homebase, described the process that she and her team went through to assemble an ecosystem of technology partners to design and launch their new online shopping capabilities on CoreMedia and IBM’s integrated platforms in less than 9 months.

She described CoreMedia as helping them to deliver “inspirational, fantastic content to our customers”. The fact that CoreMedia had already done the work to develop a deep, real-time, validated integration with IBM WebSphere Commerce saved her team significant time, effort, and stress. They were able to deploy CoreMedia to support their new online Inspiration Center in just 8 weeks.

They now intend to build on this success to deliver content to their apps as well. Soon, she predicted that all of their channels would be controlled by a single CoreMedia content hub. She described CoreMedia’s role in this project as “transformational.”

Homebase has already realized significant business gains from working with CoreMedia, and the other technology partners on this this project, including:

  • Achieved return on investment
  • Increased average order value by 8%
  • Delivered a 17% uplift in SEO-related sales
  • Experienced 5M page views and 675k visitors on Easter Sunday – their most important shopping day of the year
  • Saw a 36% year-on-year increase in online visitors and a 60% year-on-year increase in multichannel sales.

Office Depot and the Content and Commerce Integration Challenge

Office Depot

In this session, Office Depot’s Jason Crow, E-Commerce Development Architect and Amanda Hatker, Senior Program Manager for eCommerce, talked about how CoreMedia had helped them overcome the business challenges and technical implications of augmenting their existing e-Commerce system with engaging, inspirational content. They described how they selected CoreMedia because its unique incremental approach allowed them to leverage their existing e-commerce investments while still moving quickly to deploy their innovative solution.

Office Depot’s homegrown CMS had served them well for many years but presented them with a number of challenges including: static content, limited SEO, no ability to preview content, difficult for non-technical users, and publishing bottlenecks between the creative team and IT that led to a 6-8 week delay for publishing new content on the Web site. Clearly, something had to change.

But change was not easy to find. Jason and his team spent almost two years building POCs and listening to the promises of numerous vendors including Adobe, Persuasion, Oracle, and dotCMS, among others. But none of these vendors was able to offer them a solution that would allow them to leverage their existing investments and business logic.

But in 2014 at the IBM Smarter Commerce Global Summit in Tampa, the Office Depot team saw CoreMedia LiveContext and were excited by how it could augment an existing e-Commerce system and also provided them additional advanced features such as multi-channel and multi-site publishing, advanced workflow tools, time-based publishing, and a great UI for business users.

Jason described how CoreMedia was able to set up and deploy an amazing POC in just a week that integrated seamlessly with their existing system and passed their performance tests with flying colors. They kicked off the full project in January of this year and by May had launched it into a completed production environment. From a technical perspective, Jason praised CoreMedia’s scalability and integration ability, allowing them to keep over 90% of the code developed during the pilot.  


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