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  • Disconnected Customer Experiences are Fraught with Friction | Commentary

    by Glenn Conradt
    Digital marketing and e-Commerce teams have traditionally worked on separate missions. Marketers have been focused on creating higher engagement with the brand and e-Commerce teams have had laser vision on product sell-through and revenues. Unfortunately, the variation in experiences can be so ...more...
  • Bringing content and commerce together | Commentary

    by Jochen Toppe
    The traditional approach to building online brand experiences and e-Commerce shops is broken and can no longer scale to meet the demands of a new, empowered breed of digital consumers. The old way of selling products and services online involves building entirely separate brand experiences and ...more...
  • The future speaks context | Commentary

    by Gerrit Kolb
    Today’s online customers are empowered like never before, engaging with companies across a range of touchpoints and enjoying the benefits that come from greater price transparency, increased access to information, and personalized content from their social networks and online communities.more...
  • CoreMedia Response to Forrester Content and Commerce Report | Commentary

    by Doug Heise
    CoreMedia details it’s unique “Blended Hybrid” approach to leverage the strengths of both WCM and e-Commerce systems to deliver the most appropriate aspects of the online experience. Greater flexibility is provided for the teams involved and deeper real-time integration is possible than any of ...more...