Deutsche Telekom

Develop quickly and flexibly

Casestudy Deutsche Telekom Cover

Deutsche Telekom is the largest telecommunications company in Europe, with over 200,000 members of staff employed in over 50 countries working to support the entire spectrum of telecommunications, including: mobile telephony for around 70 million customers worldwide, Internet for 13.5 million customers, fixed-line services for over 60 million customers, plus complex IT and telecoms solutions for corporate customers.

Since 2001, CoreMedia has been partnering with Deutsche Telekom to realize its goal of creating a technical infrastructure that is powerful, versatile and well prepared for the future of telecommunications.

This case study describes how CoreMedia’s highly-scalable and robust CMS allows Deutsche Telecom to make instant, flexible adjustments to suit new developments in markets and business models, while supplying personalized services for each one of the company's 13.5 million registered users.