41 websites in one network


IHK24 is a network of 41 chambers of commerce and industry whose goal is to provide added value to member companies.

IHK24 websites offer their member companies access to information, contacts, events, instruction sheets, training places and more around the clock.

In the member area of the websites, companies can take advantage of cash-value benefits such as tips on tax and legal information. For non-members, information is available on a wide range of services offered by the chamber of commerce and industry.

This case study describes how IHK24 was able to create a centrally-administered website network based on CoreMedia CMS, while at the same time providing content creation freedom to the individual websites in the network. User-friendliness and user acceptance were key factors in the success of the IHK24 project. Also important was integration with third-party systems and the high degree of flexibility possible with CoreMedia CMS. In addition, by using the CoreMedia Social Software Extension, the IHK24 network was also able to address target groups interested in Web 2.0, for example through blogs and evaluation and responding to contributions.