Sevenval is a leading technology specialist in enabling multi-touchpoint output of digital content.

Based on the Sevenval Filtering Integration Technology (FIT) and the markup language FITML, Web content can be optimized for any device — including mobile, desktop and set-top TV. Modern touch devices as well as various widget platforms are supported by the software’s output formats. By using the Web-based Sevenval FITML Platform, service providers and companies can use the innovative technology to develop their own cross-media solutions.

The unique multi-channel architecture provides companies with a software solution to handle the increasing diversity of Web-enabled devices. As a middleware, the software can be used as an ASP solution. For safety-critical applications — including mobile banking — Sevenval offers in-house installation. The Sevenval FIT software delivers hundreds of portals. The technology is used by national and international companies in all major industries, including telecommunications, banking, publishing, media and trading. Sevenval is a member of the YOC-Group.

CoreMedia and Sevenval have partnered to offer a best-of-breed solution for mobile content sites, leveraging each other’s core competencies to provide CoreMedia clients with the latest mobile capabilities.