qumram AG

qumram AG


The Swiss software vendor qumram’s Web Information Governance solution captures and reproduces all potential forms of web information (website content, online interactions/transactions, as well as Social Media posts) in the very identical presentation displayed in the customer’s or partner’s web browsers.

Due to its unique approach, qumram’s solution achieves continuous information traceability over all potential representations of online information (static or dynamic web pages, mash-ups, web application process steps, etc.). This is the key prerequisite for achieving Information Governance and regulatory compliance on the Internet. As a result, eDiscovery is streamlined dramatically, saving substantial effort and money.

The software is fully configurable to specific needs. Also, it may be integrated with any existing third-party application and system (Web Content Management System, Portal, Sharepoint, Online Shop, etc. as well as repositories and electronic archiving systems). Therefore, very limited effort is needed to deploy it in a individual organisation or even use it in cloud scenarios.

The combination of CoreMedia’s “adaptive personalization” functionality and qumram’s web information governance solution allows preserving, retrieving and reproducing the effective users’ online experiences. This covers all online information that was created in specific contexts, including the entire creation process. Therefore, the website operator has complete knowledge on what is manifested in the individual users’ web browsers at any point in time.

CoreMedia customers gain certainty on the entire web interaction history, even if a specific information is no longer available online. Therefore, the load of the running production systems may be reduced heavily, which again saves significant operating expenses.

Having access to all executed online transactions in their full contexts enables not only regulatory compliance, but also optimal customer service at lowest possible cost.