Internet Broadcasting

Aiming to transform how media leaders engage and interact with their audiences, Internet Broadcasting (IB) offers advanced publishing solutions that power digital growth and strengthen consumer relationships.

In 2010, Internet Broadcasting became CoreMedia’s first North American OEM partner and began to provide its customers customers with innovative, cost-effective Web publishing technology, leveraging CoreMedia’s industry-leading capabilities.

CoreMedia’s WCM suite is now the foundation of ibPublish 2, a newsroom-centric, cloud-based publishing platform that allows media clients to easily unify, extend and package their content to drive revenue-producing engagement with audiences. In addition to the SaaS publishing platform, the IB media solution includes original syndicated content and a full-service digital agency that develops and traffics 25,000 campaigns a year. Internet Broadcasting clients include some of the largest media companies in the U.S. including as Hearst Television, E.W. Scripps, CNN, The Washington Post Company’s Post-Newsweek Stations group and Turner Broadcasting.