Canto is driven by delivering digital content more intelligently. This has made the company a global leader in the digital asset management community. By always putting the focus on users, Canto delivers scalable software and services that match customer demands. The Cumulus solution fits directly into customers‘ platforms, giving them greater ability to manage and deliver content across the full range of systems and devices, protecting their brands’ assets, and ensuring efficiency.

Canto serves a worldwide customer base of more than 2.500 active customers from a wide spectrum of market segments in close cooperation with its global partner network. Canto was founded in 1990 and is based in San Francisco (USA), Berlin and Linden (Germany).

Products and Services

Cumulus helps companies to efficiently and securely manage and share their digital content. Our Professional Services Team offers first-class consulting and training and customizes Cumulus to indvidual customer needs – leveraging their longterm experience.

Easy integration with other systems.

Cumulus can easily be integrated with other systems and business application – for example with CoreMedia’s Content Management System.

Key Benefits:

·         Compatible with all platforms

·         Access from anywhere

·         Easy integration with existing systems and infrastructures

·         Can be customized to individual customer requirements

·         Powerful integrated metadata support for all prevalent standards

·         Workflow optimization and automation