The form manager for CoreMedia

Webforms extends your web with HTML forms for any purpose.

Polls, orders, registration for events, contact forms up to simple workflows are constructed in a simple and intuitive way.

Webforms is available for CoreMedia Editor as well as CoreMedia Studio as a plugin and is installed easily and quickly.
Editors have the possibility to edit webforms within the familiar CoreMedia Editor GUI. The concise form editor supports easy construction of even complex forms with just a couple of mouse clicks.
All form elements are easily accessed and laid out in the toolbar of the form editor.
Choose from many element types such as input field, checkbox, radio button, option list, buttons, text area and configurate your desired form. Extend the functionality of your form by adding password areas, captchas, hidden areas or upload areas. Even including more CoreMedia content like text or pictures is possible without any problems.
All attributes of these elements are configurable in a flexible way. Just choose the appropriate form element and edit i.e. description texts, hints or preallocation of an area.
Even extensive forms can be created and managed by Webforms in an easy way.
Webforms uses the available new control concepts of CoreMedia Studio like Drag&Drop and an integrated preview so you keep an eye of the disposal and can make alterations via mouse click. 


  • Seamless integration into CoreMedia
  • Creation of complex forms without programming expertise
  • Graphical form creation in CoreMedia Studio or in CoreMedia Site Manager (Java Editor)
  • Minimal training needed, thanks to an intuitive approach to usability
  • Personalisation of default values for input fields
  • Keep larger forms manageable and easy to use by splitting the form over multiple pages
  • Keep user input free of errors by using JavaScript and field-based validators
  • Mapping of complex workflows and processes
  • Support for rapid editorial changes reduces time-to-market
  • Simple integration of external databases or corporate applications
  • Usable with any document model
  • Easy to extend by using predefined interfaces
  • Proof against cross-site scripting and cross-site request forgery
  • Connection and reuse of external data sources for populating drop-down lists and fields

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