Struct Editor

Working structured with Struct Editor

Struct Editor extends CoreMedia Standard Editor with a graphic Property Editor that enables editors in a very simple way to create and work on struct-based configurations.

Specific adjustments of a page or an entire website are filed in the CoreMedia CMS StarterKit in terms of configuration documents in the Content-Repository that are evaluated when the page is established. Besides simple text and numeric values a configuration document can include references to other documents, lists and resulting structures. The configurations are saved internally in XML-caliber coremedia-struct-2008.
The desktop of Struct Editor is subdivided into three areas: toolbar, tree view and detailed view.
In the toolbar you find all kinds of parameters who can be used within the configuration. By clicking one symbol of the toolbar an entry of the respective type is added.
The tree view displays all entries of the configuration.
Features of the in the tree view selected configuration entry are displayed and can be edited in the detailed view.
Common used Struct configurations can be filed as templates in a special templates file. Configurations therein enclosed are offered to the editor in a list box as templates for creating its configuration.