Rapid Web Solutions

The content-management solution for internet and intranet



Fast implementation of web sites and consolidation of several web systems. By using MATERNA’s Rapid Web Solutions, web presences can be created in a short time, with minimal costs.

Based on CoreMedia CMS2005 and CMS2006, the RWS provides a client-capable, complete, consistent, flexible and highly configurable “out of the box” solution which can be applied productively after just a few administrative steps. All standard functions found on modern websites are covered by this solution, so that projects can focus on the individual functional and structural requirements of the customer.

Standard modules for setting up websites

The Rapid Web Solutions is a modular system consisting of numerous prepared modules for all typical functions and structural elements of websites. The comprehensive preconfigured documents model with over 100 document types and the functional modules which are based on it are the result of over 80 cross-sector customer projects, which MATERNA has carried out over the last eight years. They thus represent best practices for requirements which therefore do not have to be considered within customer projects either on a conceptual level or as part of implementation. The modules are taken over according to customer specific demands, individually configured or complemented by additional proprietary developments.

Rapid Web Solutions are multi-client capable and enable the cost-effective operation of different web presences on one platform. For each of the websites or clients, the design, roles and rights, workflows, contents and even document structures can be determined individually so that, in spite of the consolidation, individual requirements can also be implemented on the individual websites.

Rapid Web Solutions provides maximum support for accessibility conform web sites on editorial, structural and functional levels according to German regulations.

MATERNA is one of the leading independent IT service providers in Germany and provides solutions for optimising IT-supported business processes in companies and the public sector. The service package for the realisation of web applications consists of modules for process and technology consulting, conceptual design, implementation and training. Further portfolio topics are IT service management, customer service management, government services and SAP.


  • Up-to-date, consistent and quality-assured web sites
  • Cost-effective implementation and short project run-times
  • Configuration instead of programming
  • Consolidation of web systems and optimisation of content maintenance processes
  • High solution-quality based on many years of experience