Newsletter Tool

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To fully harness the power of newsletters, editors need an efficient tool that lets newsletters be created quickly and easily,
that can smoothly handle mailing lists, and that offers reliable, easy-to-use archiving.

Newsletters made simple

The Newsletter module lets editors set up a range of newsletter templates, each with the desired layout. Newsletters can be sent as either online or as offline versions. Online newsletters are sent as an HTML page containing links; the actual text is stored on the intranet, and is called up when the reader clicks on a link in the newsletter.

Each time a newsletter is sent, it is automatically archived. This archive can be made accessible for users via the website if desired. Newsletter addresses can be created from mailing lists or directly by address-line input – or a combination of both.

The sender name and address can also be varied. Mailing lists can be maintained in two ways: either set up manually in the CMS, or created using a mailing list tool and then synchronized with the CMS. Newsletters are sent over an external mail server.


  • Supports a range of different newsletter templates
  • Online/offline versions
  • Automatic archiving
  • LDAP-based mailing lists can be integrated in newsletter workflow
  • Synchronization with mailing list tool
  • Application of external mail servers
  • Web Service interface

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