Multi-Site Construction Kit

Template construction and rollout toolbox for complex web sites

Building a multi-brand internet presence with shared layout modules. Companies that want to run web sites of different product or corporate brands on a common CMS are often facing a problem: The individual brand identities require different layout templates for the presentation of content in the web browser.

This leads to soaring development costs and poor utilization of synergies. For example, incompatible templates prevent site editors from sharing content and functions or make it unnecessarily expensive.

w//Center’s Multi Site Construction Kit offers a solution to this problem. Web sites are decomposed in layout modules (e.g. menu bar, search field, content teaser) which can then be arranged in different styles and alignments in the layout grid of the different brand sites. With the help of a graphic layout editor, not only developers but also experienced CMS users can build and edit layouts consisting of the template modules. Integrated testing mechanisms ensure that only technically feasible layout operations are executed.

New web sites going live in all relevant markets simultaneously

When the layout configuration of a new brand site is finished, the international roll-out can begin. With the Multi Site Construction Kit companies are able to roll out newly created web sites and modules in all relevant country and language versions in the shortest time possible - a significant competitive advantage. The internet managers in the central marketing departments no longer have to charge an agency, as they are now able provide their local subsidiaries with templates and central content in a few simple steps, using the familiar CoreMedia Editor.

Key Features

  • Modular layout toolbox for web sites with CoreMedia CMS
  • Based on the well-known model-view-controller approach
  • Graphic editor for the positioning of template modules in the layout grid
  • Automatic layout consistency check
  • Various CMS document types for layout configuration
  • Integration of CSS and Java classes
  • Unlimited number of layout templates for each CMS document type


  • Freely definable page layout within a given table grid
  • More flexibility in web design without increasing the complexity in the CMS
  • Users edit layout in the familiar CMS Editor, no specialist knowledge required
  • Open and expandable architecture
  • Cost savings: re-use of layout modules on different brand web sites
  • Shorter time-to-market especially for international internet presences