Media Asset Management

Central Media Pool with CoreMedia CMS

Content is an asset – this is especially true for media files, which are produced at high costs. However, in many companies they are scattered over various departments (e.g. Marketing, PR, R&D) and external photo and advertising agencies and accordingly difficult to access.

Local Data Management Causes High Costs

What is more, the files are often not available in the right format or resolution that is needed for a specific publication. Distribution to the company’s worldwide locations is time-consuming and expensive.

Solution: A Central Media Pool For All Publications

w//Center’s completely web-based Media Asset Management (MAM) solution organizes the access to all media data and their distribution for visual communication and media production. Employees and external agencies upload the media files in the web browser and edit the corresponding meta data and links, e. g. to press releases. In addition, each object is classified for use in external and/or internal publications within a specified duration of validity. On expiration of validity, the responsible editor is automatically notified via e-mail.

Images, graphics, audio, video, text and PDF documents are stored structured and media-independent in the MAM database and thus can be used in all distribution and media channels. The user roles and rights management of the underlying CoreMedia CMS ensures that only authorized users can edit the data within their area of responsibility and publish them on the Intranet and/or Internet. Here, employees and external users respectively have access through a comfortable, web-based query and download application. Users can browse the thumbnails of media files and download them in different formats and sizes. Shop features such as bookmarks and shopping cart are already integrated, offering an easy way to save download lists and order files in high-res quality.

Key Features

  • Central data management of structured and unstructured information such as images, documents, videos, sounds and presentations.
  • Browser-based upload and download, multilingual user interface with freely definable navigation structure and integrated search function.
  • Automatic rendering of different formats and sizes from the original file
  • Multilingual meta data and links
  • Management of documents with restricted access (Release for downloading on request)
  • Roles and rights management
  • Bookmarks, shopping cart, ordering


  • Considerable reduction of communication, organization and procuction costs
  • Higher quality of publications, as CI guidelines are enforced and only approved content is published
  • Efficiency gains through re-use of media data in multiple communication channels and higher availability of data.
  • Seamless CoreMedia CMS integration (WebEditor, roles and rights management, workflows)
  • Simple handling, low training effort for editors
  • High-performance
  • Flexible and expandable, e. g. watermark & signature, interfaces to CD/DVD production or archiving system