Multi-client-capable Internet and Intranet Platform



Today many companies run multiple corporate websites. This includes all internet and intranet sites that present the corporation, its corporate divisions, brands and foreign subsidiaries.

M.II.P addresses the need to consolidate this ECMS landscape company-wide on one multi-client-capable platform. Bringing a range of sites onto a single shared platform creates synergies in infrastructure and development. Project timelines are shortened and development, operation and maintenance costs can be reduced simply by using a framework that offers ready-to-run capability for all the features a corporate website needs to offer. At the same time, the system offers quality assurance for all ECMS project quality standards.

ECMS Projects – 50 % Faster, 40 % More Cost Effective

M.II.P is a framework based on CoreMedia CMS 2005 and 2006, specially developed for creating corporate websites. It offers a comprehensive set of configurable, ready-to-run functions, helping minimize project timelines. Consolidating a range of corporate sites onto one central ECMS is made easy, thanks to its multi-client capability and multi-language-version support. With M.II.P, sites from a number of corporate divisions or subsidiaries can operate from one single ECMS – regardless of whether they’re internet or intranet sites.

Reduction of project costs: M.II.P offers all the standard functions of a CMS implementation for companies. This range of features can be tailored to suit specific requirements, thanks to its excellent configurability. Development and migration costs can be reduced by up to 40%. So the available investment can be focussed instead on individual corporate and business-process needs.

  • Shorter project timelines: Compared to conventional CMS projects, M.II.P delivers time savings of up to 50% in project execution. Thanks to its architectural approach, M.II.P supports agile software development, enhancing the dynamics of the company.
  • Reducing ongoing costs: The architecture quality and the application of a technical quality management system reduce the costs of operation and maintenance.
  • Multi-site concept enables synergies: M.II.P fully exploits the multi-site capability of CoreMedia CMS. Operating and maintaining company-wide multi-client-capable platforms is made simpler and more cost-effective. Companies can benefit from significant synergy gains.


  • The set of standard functions for corporate website reduces project timelines by up to 50%
  • Reduces project costs by up to 40%
  • Multi-client capability enables consolidation of the ECMS landscape
  • Reduces maintenance and operation expenses
  • Easily scalable; offers shared use of M.II.P functions
  • Comprehensive configuration options increases flexibility and security
  • Content migration is fast and simple thanks to configurable migrations scripts.