Consequently consistent

Large amounts of content often contain a large number of external links, who can keep consistent just with huge effort if you are lacking the right tool.
Without constant maintenance, the number of dead links grows unchecked in your content.
The integrated LinkChecker regularly controls all external links in your online content, ensuring the target is accessible and maintaining the quality of your site.

Everything up to date?

The LinkChecker enhances your CoreMedia system by adding a high-performance tool with which you can easily test the validity of all web addresses integrated in your content.

How it works

The LinkChecker tool is designed as a client/server application. The server components search through all documents saved in your CoreMedia system, checking them for external references and testing each link for validity. The results of the tests are passed on to all associated clients. Two clients are included in the standard package.

It's so easy

Your editors receive a list of the invalid links in a graphic LinkChecker client display that is seamless integrated in your existing CoreMedia standard editor. By double-clicking on an entry in the results list, the editor can open the relevant document and correct or delete the invalid link. LinkChecker thus eliminates the time-wasting search for dead links in CoreMedia documents.

Automatic service

A command-line enables you to have LinkChecker run link tests automatically at set times. The results list is either saved to a file or sent to an e-mail address of your choice.


  • Centralized checking of links
  • Simultaneous checking of multiple links
  • Proxy support
  • User name / password authorization for HTTP
  • Display of invalid links in CoreMedia standard editor
  • Can also be run in batch operations
  • Applicable for all document models
  • Effortlessly scalable
  • Server components can be monitored by a watchdog process