Imagemap Editor

Extending CoreMedia Technology

Creating Imagemaps in CoreMedia

The Imagemap module extends the CoreMedia Editor by a graphic Property Editor that allows editors to create and edit reference sensitive images within the CoreMedia system.
The Imagemap Editor is designed as Property Editor that seamlessly integrates in the existing editor.
It was emphasized that operation of the extension is the same as for the standard editor.


The editor selects a certain image document first. This can be any document that has one or more BLOB fields. The editor can then set up a new reference sensitive hotspot with the Context menu and drag it to the desired position with the mouse. Hotspot size is mouse-controlled and choosed via WYSIWYG principle. For each hotspot, the editor can enter a quick-info text, an internal or external anchor link, and the way the link target opens.

Template development

A standard template is supplied for showing image maps. The developer can use this template to make own templates, similar to CoreMedia standard templates. By modifying the standard template, the template developer can at any time adapt the depiction image map as desired.


  • No additional tools needed – saves time and costs
  • Simple operation
  • Secures consistent links
  • Data stored in XML format
  • Simple integration in existing document models
  • Extends the ways content can be presented on a website