Content Quality Assurance

Efficiently improving editorial quality



Content editing systems that are used by many editors and that offer a high level of flexibility in editorial options are often plagued by quality problems and deviations from editorial conventions – despite the use of validators in the Java editor.

This is compounded when content is obtained externally, such as from importers, scripting clients, web editors, WebDAV etc. Typical problems include:

  • The use of external links, even though internal links are required or possible. The system from CoreMedia automatically eliminates these links, rendering them harmless.
  • Incompletely deleted folders: folders are marked for deletion but the deletion was not published. folders: folders are marked for deletion but the deletion was not published.

Content Quality Assurance Identifies Quality Problems

The Content Quality Assurance module offers a range of checking processes to support editors and administrators. It helps find and report deviations in content quality. Each client can configure their own “content checks”, which test content objects for deviations from the editorial stipulations. After the test has run, it creates a report in HTML format in the CMS which can be reviewed and analyzed. In-built content links lead directly to the relevant content object in the CMS, enabling corrections to be carried out quickly and easily.


  • Quality of the site is improved
  • Editorial errors are prevented
  • Inconsistencies are reliably tested and identified – especially in content delivered from external sources
  • Multi-client capable testing of content
  • Simple configuration
  • Reporting in HTML format