Advertising Media Management

Integration of content management and media publishing system



International advertising campaigns confront advertisers with the challenge of producing advertising materials:
leaflets, posters, mailers etc. in multiple languages and print quantities at specified times.

Approvals are costly, and materials coordination between headquarters, agency, and sales offices is an unsure thing. Adherence to CI guidelines and quality standards cannot be assured when production is decentralized.

A web-based and easy-to-use solution

This server and web-based publishing system is used successfully by Continental AG for international advertising campaigns. It optimizes the production of marketing materials by streamlining and automating workflows. Coordination and bundling of work steps at headquarters, national sales offices, and creative agencies greatly reduces costs and effort.

MediaManagement provides the approved layouts from the creative agencies to Continental’s 20+ European sales offices for content-only localization and adaptation (layouts are locked), and then sends the files to printers for quality control and production. The process is much faster and simpler than before.

The rigorous separation of content and layout, combined with central data storage and flexible user access authorization, ensures adherence to Corporate Design and other guidelines at every point during production. In addition, the MediaManagement solution provides for multiple use of content, since Continental’s own content management system is one of the three pillars of the overall system.


  • Web-based publishing of offline advertising media

  • Integration of content management, media management and DTP tools

  • Multiple content usage through central data storage

  • Import and export of open DTP formats (Adobe InDesign, Quark Xpress), optional PDF export.

  • Proof-accurate, position-correct preview at different resolutions

  • Support of multiple languages

  • Numerous reporting functions

  • Comprehensive user rights/role management

  • High performance, including via GPRS/mobile

  • Positive cost/benefit ratio, fast ROI