Wunderman PXP GmbH



Offline & Online

Communication has changed, improved and expanded. Online media not only offer more possibilities, primarily they offer a dialogue. And this dialogue has had a significant influence on “classic” media. Our communication solutions are based on exchange, opinion, feedback and dissemination. Social media (Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, etc.), after their initial “freak-hype”, have now evolved into the new mass media. More than 70 % of Austrians (source: gfk, Social Networks 11/2009) actively participate on the social web, with more than 2,5 million alone on Facebook - with an upward tendency.

We offer strategic advice for all online areas and, similar to a one-stop-shop, we offer all necessary services: ranging from analysis, concept, design, and hosting to editorial support and monitoring. But a brand is a brand and needs “classic” knowledge and experience. And, since we don’t only spend our lives in front of a computer or smart phone, the link between the offline- and the online-worlds is more important than ever.

Portals & Collaboration

Already since the 1990’s we have specialized on implementing large Intranet projects for corporations. Over the years, we have seen many technologies and platforms come and go, but ultimately this only had a marginal influence on our approach. First and foremost, we continue to focus on the two most important factors: the human being and the organization. Technology only plays a minor role.

No matter if the basis consists of Content Management Platforms or Collaboration Solutions, these projects are always organisational projects and that is precisely the way we approach them: from the strategic product and platform advice to the accompanying Change Management for staff members when a new solution is being introduced. In doing so, we don’t give preference to any specific technologies – however, certain platforms have proven to be successful for many of our problem-solving approaches: CoreMedia offers you a multitude of applications and the potential to create something really big according to your requirements.