Ufinity is a leading solution provider with competencies in Identity and Access Management, Business Intelligence and Data Warehousing, and Custom Solution Development.

With origins dating back to 1996, Ufinity possesses the expertise in identity and access management implementation, financial systems integration, interactive media and convergence services.

In today’s business, strategic use of information technology (IT) helps gain competitive edge, build business values and sustain market leadership. With ever-evolving technology and business requirements, IT solutions must be Agile, Innovative and Cost effective;

  • Agile –response and align to evolving technologies and business requirements
  • Innovative –maintain leadership and competitive edge
  • Cost effective- do more with less

At Ufinity, we constantly seek new innovations in IT for businesses; crafting unique solutions and building values for businesses while keeping it simple, scalable and cost-effective.

With over 150 employee on staff, Ufinity is headquartered in Singapore and operates two branch offices in China; Beijing and Hefei.

Our solutions focus on simplifying and securing the integration and unification of application and data access, over multiple platforms, channels and devices.